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Off Duty Officer (UZ-A56AF)

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Description:About AEGIS Security & Investigations: * AEGIS was founded in 2007 with the goal of improving the synergy between customers and security operations.* AEGIS has grown to include a wide spectrum of high end security services including hospitality, retail, special events, executive protection, estate security, and schools.* We also provide specialized training, consulting and expert witness services, and private investigations.* We have an ongoing need for armed and unarmed guards with active, reserve, and veteran military personnel and law enforcement experience. We do provide accommodation for drill. Description: * Officers primary role is crime prevention and customer service.* Officers assist with the functions of physical and personal security, and safety measures for clients.* Other duties may include customer hospitality, access control, list management, crowd control, emergency response, pat down and metal detecting search, and law, policy, and code enforcement. Keywords: security guard, security officer, guard card, security agent, bouncer, doorman, VIP security, bodyguard, EP agent, special security officer, police officer, reserve officer, flex officer, rover, security supervisor, security manager, security direction, estate security, executive protection, marines, air force, navy, army, coast guard, military.. Requirements:Must have Police Credentials and CCW with a California Guard Card (BSIS permitted) and Firearms Permit. * Experienced Off Duty Police Officer or Retired Police Officer* Valid government ID and Social Security Card* Valid and active or retired police credentials and authorization to carry under HR 218* Valid Firearms permit issued by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services* Valid Guard Card issued by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services* Training certificates to support your licenses/certifications (your 40-hour original cert and your most recent 8-hour refresher)* A GED or High School Diploma / Transcript (Associates Degree or some verifiable college preferred)* Ability to perform essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation* Have excellent ENGLISH verbal and written skills* Have a neat professional appearance* Have access to reliable transportation and a track record of being ON-TIME to work* A cell phone that receives text messages and has access to the internet as well as an email address. You will be reimbursed a stipend for using your own device.* Own a black business suit, white button down dress shirt, black tie, belt, socks, and dress shoes or shined boots. Availability, Pay, & Perks: * Experienced Off Duty Officers, EP and Estate Agents' are paid the industry standard* Paid accrued sick leave* Free and or paid specialized training opportunities offered through AEGIS and our partners.* Promotional opportunities may be available for the right individuals.* Holiday pay for specific holidays* 401(k), health, vision, dental, life, and accident insurance available after applicable waiting period. AEGIS Security & Investigations, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Associated topics: court marshal, border patrol, fire fighter, fire inspector, fire marshal ii, fire marshal iv, law enforcement, magistrate, national security agency, police

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AEGIS Security & Investigations

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